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How to order a translation or another service for $5

You can order a translation in less than a minute. All you got to do is join fiverr (it will take a sec if you join with your facebook account or 5 seconds if you choose to join with your email), then select the category of the service that you need and choose the service that you like the most.

translate english to greek

Make sure to read the feedback of the service first and then select ORDER NOW. The payment page will open and yes, it really only costs you $5    :-)
translate english to greek

Thats all! At the top of the page you will see a notification telling you to send a message to the person that offers the service of what exactly you need. For instance if we order this service for Jamaican translation, (it could also be English to Greek, to German etc) i would send the following message"Hello, please find attached the document that i would like to translate". Select attach file and browse to find the file on your computer. Send the message and you are done! Each person delivers in a different time frame, most people deliver within 48 hours. You can see that in the service details. So after you place your order you will receive a notification at the top of the page when the translation is ready .


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